Ashoka Aloo Matar is your Solution to the Perfect Dish

Jun 04 , 2022


Sandeep Singh

Ashoka Aloo Matar is your Solution to the Perfect Dish

Ashoka is the world's driving food brand presents to you a total scope of prepared to-eat Indian luxuries. Every formula, summoned by ace culinary experts, draws out the rich sweet-smelling flavors and tastes. Incredible consideration and fastidious itemizing are fundamental elements of each formula. Without a doubt, Ashoka is the first taste of India. Ashoka Aloo Matar is a flavorful, medium-hot dish from Punjab in North India. mixing the divine taste of new green peas in a thick sauce with potatoes, it makes a magnificent principle course when presented with hot rice, naan breads or chapatis. The ingredients used in the Ashoka Aloo Matar are green peas, potato, tomato, onion, water, cotton seed oil, ginger, garlic, red chilli powder, milk cream, salt, coriander powder, cumin, turmeric powder, black pepper powder, cinnamon, cardamom clove.   

Aloo matar is a Punjabi dish from the Asian subcontinent which is made using potatoes (Aloo) and peas (matar) in a flavored velvety tomato based sauce. Ashoka Aloo Matar is a veggie lover dish. The sauce is for the most part cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoes, cumin seeds and different flavors. Store the unopened pack at room temperature in a cool, dry spot, away from direct daylight. Subsequent to opening, store the pack in the fridge and consume inside 2-3 days. Ashoka Aloo Matar is a gently flavored readiness with potatoes and green peas in a smooth sauce. A delightful medium hot dish. Mixing the delectable taste of new green peas in thick sauce with potatoes. It makes a magnificent principle course when presented with hot rice, chapatti or naan bread.

Ashoka Aloo Matar Cooking Instructions

You simply need to heat and eat the Ashoka Aloo Matar. Microwavable it for 2 minutes. It has no artificial preservatives. It is low in cholesterol. It is a 100 percent vegetarian dish. Every ingredient used to make the Ashoka Aloo Matar is completely natural. You only need to take the unopened foil pocket and submerge in bubbling water for 3-5mins. Eliminate pocket, cut and serve.

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