Bikano Dry Petha is a Sweet You Will Get Hooked On

Jun 04 , 2022

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Sandeep Singh

Bikano Dry Petha is a Sweet You Will Get Hooked On

Bikano Dry Petha is a clear delicate treat. It is made by boiling pumpkin pieces in sugar syrup. Crunchy outwardly and delicate inside, this is a sweet to charm your sense of taste! This traditional Indian sweet known as Dry Petha or delectable pumpkin sweet is the one dish you will want to present to your guests and impress them. Partake in experiencing this tasty Bikano Dry Petha from the place of Bikano and appreciate it with your relatives. It is additionally wonderful to be skilled to companions and family members and add pleasantness to your relationship. It is one of the best conventional Indian desserts. Dry Petha is appropriate for veggie and dessert lovers as it is purely made from pumpkin or melon and sugar.

Taste and Experience of Bikano Dry Petha

The second you examine the ingredients of the Bikano Dry Petha pack, you will understand that this petha is extremely not normal for different desserts you could have bought, cooked or tasted previously. Basically, the Dry Petha is an improved solid shape of debris gourd, however the utilization of ingredients like lime and alum, as well as the extraordinary arrangement methodology, give it an unconventional surface that is fresh, succulent, chewy and sort of soften in-the-mouth as well! It is very hard to make sense of the remarkable experience, which must be attempted direct to comprehend. The Bikano Dry Petha can be put away in the fridge for half a month, so you can easily make an enormous cluster and appreciate it at whatever point you wish. The Rajasthanis particularly prefer to pop a dry petha into their mouth after dinners, so you could take a stab at doing that as well.

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