ARS Pistachio Biscuits 400g


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ARS Pistachio Biscuits 400g

ARS Pistachio Biscuits are buttery, soft, and chewy. These cookies are made with pistachio, flour, and topped with slices of toasted pistachio. ARS Pistachio Biscuits are always a huge hit around Christmas time and Thanksgiving. They’re also a perfect cookie for gifting to others or setting out on a platter.


These pistachio cookies will disappear in a flash but if stored in an airtight container they will last about two weeks. ARS pistachio biscuits recipes are some of the best biscuit recipes.


Pistachio Cookies are rich in fibre. They contain fructooligosaccharide which are soluble fibres that give a sweet taste without being digested or absorbed in the body.

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