King- Golden Sella Rice 20 Kg


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King- Golden Sella Rice 20 Kg

The milling process of Golden Sella Rice sets it apart from other types of rice. To prepare the paddy for milling, it must first be boiled and then dried. The rice is then parboiled gently to seal in the nutrients. This aids in the formation of long, thin grains with a delicate golden or yellow color. Because of its propensity to absorb the flavors of herbs, spices, and other ingredients, this rice is utilized in a variety of cuisines. Because the grains are stretched after cooking, the meal has greater scent, flavor, smell, and aesthetic appeal. In addition, after cooking, each rice grain separates precisely. The health advantages of Golden Sella Rice are also well-known.

100% Golden Sella Rice

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Country: India

Brand: King