Indian Grocery Biryani Paste in Germany

Indian Grocery MDS Biryani Paste in Germany


MD-Store is the biggest Indian online grocery store in Germany. We own a brand named “MDS”, which has a vast variety of Indian cuisine. Our stores name MD-Store has been derived from the brand name MDS. We provide quality products to shoppers online. We have the biggest collection of top brands from all over the globe, which are either processed, produced, or packaged in India, Africa, Asia, or Pakistan. The most prominent brands are MDS, Shan, Aashirvaad Aata, Maggi Noodles, National, and Lipton.

MDS Biryani Paste

If you are a fan of biryani, you would absolutely love cooking this dish with the help of MDS Biryani Paste. The paste is made from a mix of yogurt, vegetable oil, garlic paste, crushed onions, lemon juice, and onion powder. The meat, chicken or vegetables need to be sautéed in the biryani paste along with oil or ghee and water, which makes a type of gravy for the biryani. MDS Biryani Paste helps in preparing traditional biryani at home with authentic taste and aroma for the ultimate food experience.



Benefits of MDS Biryani Paste

As improbable as it may seem, biryani serves as an antioxidant for your organs. The flavors this dish has isn’t just through two or three specific spices. There are boundless numbers of spices mixed together with meat and rice. And every single one is just as healthy as the others. Some of the spices included in the MDS Biryani Paste are cumin, black pepper, garlic ginger, turmeric, etc. Cumin contains properties that decrease inflammation and cleanses your inner system. In addition, the use of ginger proves to be just as healthy because it lessens sickness and muscle pain. The various spices used in MDS Biryani Paste, especially cumin, ginger, and turmeric, have the potential to ease the digestion process.

MDS Biryani Paste is stuffed with proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Each of these are necessary nutrients for your body. Chicken biryani is a great source for niacin or vitamin B3. Turmeric in MSD Biryani Paste, is full of anti-inflammatory properties that are necessary for avoiding and preventing harmful illness. Biryani is a big dish that all the age groups love. It can have a diverse amount of things added to the dish. So including a good amount of vegetables is of utmost necessity so the body receives all the right minerals as well. MDS Biryani Paste is the perfect spice blend that can be put into any flavorful dish which contains meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables that are often served with rice. This biryani paste is you secret helper while cooking Biryani.

Buy from MD-Store in Germany

MD-Store offers the opportunity to buy all types of grocery at a very reasonable price as compared to the other markets. We promise fast delivery through MD-Store online grocery in Germany. We make sure to deliver all your grocery in an effective and efficient way. MD-Store makes sure to never compromise on the quality of the products. Learn more by contacting the MD-Store team and start ordering your grocery online to get the full Asian cuisine experience at your home.

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