Shipping Policy


Germany Shipping Rates:

Rate Condition Transit Time Price


0Kg - 3Kg 1 to 3Business Days

3.37 EUR

Standard 3Kg - 20Kg 1 to 3Business Days 4.60 EUR
Standard 20Kg - 31.5Kg 1 to 3Business Days 5.99 EUR
Standard 31.5Kg - 40Kg 1 to 3Business Days 20 EUR
Standard 30 Euro and Above  1 to 3Business Days Free


  • We pay the delivery costs if the order is over 29,99€ within Germany.
  • The packages are sent from Monday to Friday.
  • As per our experience, it takes 1-4 working days for the order to reach the customer after dispatch.
  • Only 30 kgs can be sent in one box according to shipment regulations. If an order weighs more than 30 kgs, it has to be sent in two or more boxes. Where applicable only the first package will be charged for shipment and the extra boxes will be sent at the company's cost.
  • If the package returns back to us because the address or name on the doorbell was wrong, or the recipient is unknown, shipping may be charged (per box) for re-sending the package.
  • Packages that gets returned to Md-Store (for any reason) cost 4.5 €. This cost may or may not be transferred to the customer depending on the circumstances and at the company's discretion.
  • If an order that has already been shipped, gets returned to us because the customer does not want it anymore and needs to be cancelled, shipment cost will be deducted from the order amount at the time of refund. Price of products that are damaged in this process will not be returned.

Accidents / Delays / Exceptions

  • In case of delay, please track the order yourself using the tracking link sent by the shipment companies.
  • In rare cases, the box can get damaged during transit by GLS. In this case, the GLS usually repacks the box at their center and delivers. This can cause a delay of 2-4 additional days. If they damaged a parcel so badly that cannot be delivered, it will return or they will inform us that it cannot even be returned.
  • In some cases delays can also arise at Md-Store's end if some ordered product is out of stock and is expected in the next 1-5 days. If longer, the company contacts the customer.
  • Fresh vegetables are delivered to us on Monday and Thursday. Orders with fresh items can sometimes be delayed in case we don't receive the supply in sufficient quantity or on time. In some cases, the money might also be refunded and the order dispatched. The company tries to dispatch fresh items immediately after procurement.