Indian Paste & Pickle

MD-Store is an Indian Online Grocery Store in Germany which aims to deliver the high quality grocery products from the Top Brands around the world. It emphasizes to deliver each order in the pre-defined delivery dates. Fresh and organic fruits & Vegetables are packed under the special standards set by Md-Store.

Md-Store is an online shop of grocery products and is owned by the Asia Laden, located in the German City Reutlingen.


Paste & Pickle: MDS Collection

Md-Store is an Online Grocery Store in Germany . It  offers and promotes not only other brands but it also owns a brand named “MDS”. All the products of MDS are offered through its online shop and retail shops to its valuable customers all over Germany.

MDS Collection is a wide range of products which is categorized under Daal or Lentils, Pickles and Pastes.

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