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MD-Store is one of biggest store for purchasing Indian grocery online in Germany. It is said that you can feel closer to a culture by tasting their cuisine. So, the people of Germany don’t have to visit India particularly or spend an expensive amount on dining for Indian cuisine experience. You can get groceries with the brand name “MDS”, which the MD-Store owns, and get the full Indian cuisine experience.  Not only Indian but you can also buy any type of Asian delicacy that you want to try form our online grocery store.

MDS Bombay Sandwich Spread

Sandwiches are one of the most popular snack foods out there. And if you add in the element of making it in a minute or two then a sandwich proves to be a hearty meal for some. Which is why MDS Bombay Sandwich Spread being a product made purely for convenience, is a sandwich filling for both schoolchildren and adults. Among many adults, it may fall into the category of comfort food through the association with their childhood. Sandwich spread may be used alone as a simple sandwich filling or you can get creative and use it with extra toppings such as meat, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese or paneer. This spread can also be used with while making burgers, hot dogs or any type dough products, like roll paratha or shawarma. You can make the dough using our specialty flour “Aashirvad aata”, which is one of our famous product.

MDS Bombay Sandwich Spreads Makes Your Snack Diet-Friendly

Made form coriander leaves, mint leaves, salt, sugar, lentils, lemon juice, acetic acid and green chili, the MDS Bombay Sandwich Spread is extremely rich in proteins and is amazingly flavorful. It has the smooth and tangy flavor of fresh coriander and mint leaves. The spread has a greater shelf life and can be refrigerated in the warm weather. If you have never been to India, using MDS Bombay Sandwich Spread in your sandwich is the best way you can feel closer to the Indian culture, seeing as every street food in India has this spread in their sandwiches.

There are many benefits of a sandwich diet. Some people like to eat one sandwich a day. Using MDS Bombay Sandwich Spread makes it easy to make a sandwich. You just need to put the spread on a piece of bread, put some vegetables of your choice and there you have it, the perfect healthy sandwich made in just 1-2 minutes. You can get the benefit of so many herbs, vegetables and minerals in just a small sandwich. With the help of MDS Bombay Sandwich Spread even kids can make a sandwich without much hassle. This spread makes your snacks extremely health friendly. The people who want to lose weight can especially incorporate this spread in their everyday diet and they will feel the gradual weight loss.

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