MDS Chana Dal is the Top Tier Lentil

MDS Chana Dal is baby chickpeas that have been split and polished. It is a savory lentil dish that is mostly served with rice or roti. It tastes like sweet corn when cooked and this ingredient is the most popular lentil in Indian, Pakistani, Indonesian, and Philippine cuisine.



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Chana dal is delicious, nutritious, and can easily be digested. It is used in curries, dal curry, basmati rice, salads, and soups. The MDS Chana Dal can also be used to make a ground powder which can be turned into a paste or basin that can be used to make crispy pakora.


Interesting MDS Chana Dal Health Benefits

MDS Chana Dal is also known as baby chickpea. A diet that is rich in chickpeas can help reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.  If you want to have stronger muscles, eat MDS Chana Dal because it has 13g of protein in every 100g serving of a dish that has the chana dal. It is a great source of vegetarian protein. The chana dal has amazing benefits for muscle health. Due to the presence of protein in chana dal, it supports the immune system, helping it fight off any infections. This is one of the most important MDS Chana Dal benefits. The folic acid in the dal is rich in folates. Folate is essential for the prevention of diseases such as stroke, depression, dementia, and many others. About 11% of MDS Chana Dal is made up of fiber. It is especially good for diabetes. Due to it being rich in fiber, MDS Chana Dal is excellent for weight loss. One of the greatest chana dal benefits is that it has no trans fats. Full of healthy fats, you can munch on chana dal without a worry as it is also good for inflammation.


MDS Chana Dal is grown without the use of pesticides. To get the most of its benefits, start using it in easy recipes like chana dal pancakes, fritters, chana dal fry, and many more. MDS Chana Dal is versatile, and you can use it to prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch dinner, or even snacks.


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