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Could it be that you are looking to purchase Asian/Indian Lebensmittel in Deutschland online? Well look no more since MD-Store is here to serve to for all your basic food item needs. We guarantee that you will get the Asian, Africa basic food item you are searching for at our store. We likewise have our image "MDS" which has all the staple you could have to make a continental dish. MDS represents considerable authority in flavors, spices, dals, lentils, rice, aata and sauces. We likewise sell a great deal of other top brand, to be specific Aashirvaad Aata, MDH, PATAK, National, Shan, Kikkoman and Royal. We also sell a ton of non-food items that you could require at home.


What is MDS Kala Chana?

MDS Kala Chana which is also known as red chana is a little dim earthy colored hued chana with a harsh coat, developed generally in India and different countries in Asia, as well as Ethiopia, Mexico and Iran. It is a more modest form of the customary light yellow chickpea. In spite of the fact that it has an earthy colored skin, it stays yellow under, and tastes really nutty and dull surface when cooked. It's an extremely flexible vegetable, with a significant role in many Middle Eastern and Indian dishes.


Health Benefits of MDS Kala Chana

MDS Kala Chana becomes a solid expansion to your eating routine. Being high in protein and fiber, kala chana is a decent choice for weight reduction. Like most pulses and vegetables, kala chana likewise has large amounts of fiber, consequently assisting with keeping you full for a really long time. When cooked with other ingredients, kala chana is appropriate for coronary illness also. Diabetic pateients also appreciate them in limited amounts. Overflowing with calcium, MDS Kala Chana supports bone wellbeing and is a decent source of iron, they assist with building red platelets (RBC) and hemoglobin levels.

Culinary Use of MDS Kala Chana


  • MDS Kala Chana is a type of traditional chickpea. This chana is exceptionally nutritious and utilized in curries and chaats.
  • As dark chickpeas hold their shape; MDS Kala Chana are an extraordinary expansion to servings of mixed greens particularly grown ones. They can be delicately sautéed and blended in with new diced onions, minced cilantro and lime juice to make a delicious side dish.
  • MDS Kala Chana can be cooked regardless of salt, sautéed in garlic spread, or with mayonnaise and gently cooked vegetables to make a tasty plate of mixed greens.
  • It is a superb expansion to pani puri. Kala chana can be utilized to make an extraordinary backup for naan or roti, regardless of different vegetables.

MD-Store’s Excellent Service

We at MD-Store are known for our administration characteristics for Beste Lebensmittelgeschäft in Deutschland. We never leave our clients hanging. Anything the you are requesting at early morning or late evening, your basic food items will be conveyed to you at any time you want, regardless of whether that time isn't the one you have paid for your food at. You don't have to waver in reasoning assuming we will convey at the time you need, since we will give ideal conveyance and the item will be of the best quality.


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