MDS Mixed Pickle

MDS Mixed Pickle is made from a mix of ingredients such as vegetables, oil and spices. Only some vegetables make it through the picking process for the production of MDS Mixed Pickle. It is from ingredients like mangoes, lemons, carrots, vegetable oil, chilies, garlic, ginger, salt, citric acid, lemon zest, fenugreek seeds, aniseed, cumin seed, turmeric and red chili powder.


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What Is MDS Mixed Pickle Made Out of?

The MDS Mixed pickles are made by an extensive and thorough process. The mixed vegetables are first washed and put in a salt bath for 24 hours. Afterwards the vegetables are cleaned and all the other ingredients like oil, herbs and spices are added into sealed and sterilized jars. The vegetables are fermented in the sealed jars with the oil, vinegar and spices. Mixed Pickles are typically found in the Indian, Pakistani and Chinese culture and are consumed on a daily basis. And MDS Mixed Pickles is your way of feeling closer to their cuisine.

What MDS Mixed Pickles Can Add to Your Health?

Mixed Pickles do more than just adding a crunchy, tangy bite to your food. MDS Mixed Pickles are filled of good bacteria known as probiotics, which are significant for stomach health and help digestion. Mixed pickles also help prevent diseases like stroke, heart disease, cancer and other conditions. Some athletes eat pickles to replace lost electrolytes which help ease muscle cramps after extensive exercise or completion. MDS Mixed Pickles also help manage diabetes. Mixed pickles contain raw and unripe vegetables and other ingredients, they are a rich source of antioxidants. These vegetables and herbs used in the MDS Mixed Pickle contain a number of essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K and other minerals like, calcium, potassium and iron which might not be provided in our routine diet. 

Hence, eating MDS Mixed pickles can fulfil the requirement of these vitamins and minerals in your body. Moreover, these pickles can also protect your liver from harmful attacks if consumed on a daily basis. So make sure to incorporate this mix of pickles in your diet to have healthy growth of life, mind and body. You can have these pickles with roti, paratha or even basmati rice.

MD-Store’s Excellent Service

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