Use Pearl River Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce for Your Food

Pearl River Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce keeps up with the unmistakable scent, smell, delightful taste, and rich sustenance of soy beans. Acquired from our old equation and starters, PRB soy sauce takes more time than 100 days’ maturation process consolidating very much chosen soy beans with interesting daylight, water, and air in southern China. Pearl River Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce has dull earthy colored tone. It is great for marinating and coloring in food while at the same time cooking rice, noodle, rice stick, and so on. While adding it in the dishes, it makes the food more appealing with brilliant earthy colored tone and magnificent scents. By and large utilized for advancing shades of the dishes, for example, for braised dishes or different dishes should have been hued.

Brewing Process of Pearl River Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce

Pearl River Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce is made of refined North-east China yellow beans, which are chosen, splashed and afterward steamed and bubbled in high strain. The steamed yellow beans are blended in with flour and yeast. The blend will be shipped off yeast groove for ventilated mature. The above entire cycle will be observed and constrained via programmed framework and PC framework. Following 48 hours, the developed sauce yeast is acquired. This sauce yeast will be placed into sunning pot with pungent water for hundred-day preparing. The entire blending process is totally normal with practically no counterfeit temperature control. Normally fermented soy sauce contains around 1-1.6% nitrogen, 17% - 19% basic sugars and 1% - 2% natural acids. Free amino acids, particularly glutamic corrosive, make up around 45% of the nitrogen, and are liable for the umami flavor. This makes the Pearl River Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce beneficial for your health if taken in smaller quantity.

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