Tapal Danedar Black Tea 450g

Tapal Danedar Black Tea 450g

Tapal Danedar Black Tea 450g

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Tapal Danedar Black Tea 450g

Tapal Danedar Black Tea is delicious and is a perfect reminder of the flavors from the Middle-East. Crafted with high-quality fresh ingredients, Tapal Danedar Black Tea is extremely healthy and tasty. Buy this tea as a gift or for personal consumption; you surely will not regret it.


Enjoy the Tapal danedar black tea by serving it strong, black and with lots of sugar. Alternatively, drink it well brewed with a splash of milk as a rich, soothing cuppa, similar to a warming spiced chai tea.



The primary ingredient in Tapal Danedar Black Tea is black tea leaves. It may also contain additional natural flavors or tea extracts to enhance the taste.


Calories: Approximately 1 kcal Carbohydrates: Negligible (less than 0.1g) Protein: Negligible (less than 0.1g) Fat: Negligible (less than 0.1g) Caffeine: Black tea contains caffeine, which can vary based on brewing time and amount of tea used. On average, it can be around 30-70mg per 100ml.


Black tea is not a known allergen and is generally considered safe for consumption. However, if you have specific food allergies or sensitivities, it is always best to check the product's packaging or consult the manufacturer to ensure it is safe for your consumption.

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Country: Pakistan

Brand: Tapal

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