TRS Deep Orange Food Colour 500g

TRS Deep Orange Food Colour 500g

TRS Deep Orange Food Colour 500g

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TRS Deep Orange Food Colour is likely a food coloring product used to add a deep orange hue to various culinary preparations. Food colorings are commonly used in cooking and baking to enhance the appearance of dishes.

Ingredients: The main ingredient in food coloring products is typically a water-soluble synthetic food colorant, such as Tartrazine (E102) or Sunset Yellow (E110), which is a type of azo dye approved for food use.

Allergen Information: Food colorings, including the synthetic colorants used in deep orange food color, are not considered common allergens.

Please note that food colorings should be used sparingly and as per the manufacturer's instructions, as excessive usage may affect the taste and texture of the food.

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