1&1 Quince Jam 290g


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1&1 Quince Jam 290g

A smooth and delicious jam made of quince, sugar, and lemon juice. Quince is harvested in October when it's ripe and has a characteristic intense yellow colour and a beautiful smell. You can even get quince jelly for sale at the farmers market in October. Quince jam is a fall treat that you can enjoy every time of the year in jam form, to spread on toast, on your crostata, or as an accompaniment to your cheese board. 

Storage & Use:

Quince jam accompanies cheeses, both aged, or fresh.You can pair the jam with chicken or turkey either during cooking, or as a sauce to accompany the dish. The jam can also be used to fill cakes, cookies, and tarts. Store the quince jam in the refrigerator for long term use.


Quince Jam is rich in fibre. It mainly supplies simple carbohydrates while fats and proteins are not present in relevant quantities. Cholesterol is absent. Compared to other jams, Quince Jam is generally less caloric. Furthermore, this jam is suitable -more than any other jam- for those suffering from constipation.

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