AFP Fioretto Bianco 5 Kg


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Title :

AFP  Fioretto Bianco 5 Kg

AFP Fioretto Bianco or White flour is also known as all-purpose flour. It is made from a mix of hard and soft wheat, to achieve the ideal protein content. Fioretto Bianco can also be combined with other types of flour such as durum to produce semolina bread, whole wheat flour to produce whole wheat bread, or soybeans to produce spaghetti.

Uses & Storage:

As the name suggests, fioretto di mais bianco or all-purpose flour is suitable for all types of baked goods such as bread, biscuits, pizza, cookies, muffins, etc. It is also used in thickening gravies and sauces. Store in a cool and dry place.


One of the known benefits of Fioretto Bianco is that it is a good source of protein. Take note that having sufficient proteins in your body can help both your physical and mental development.

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