Ahmed Foods Carrot in Sugar Syrup 450g

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Ahmed Foods Carrot in Sugar Syrup

Ahmed Foods Carrot in Sugar Syrup is made with fresh sliced carrots and sugar and can be used to flavour everything from cocktails and soda to oatmeal, ice cream, cakes, and more. Syrup is essentially just water and sugar simmered together to form a syrup.


Keeping a jar in your fridge in the fall means that you can have a cocktail, coffee, tea, etc. any time you want. It's also pretty fabulous for drizzling over oatmeal and yoghurt for breakfast or ice cream for dessert. Carrots simmered with sugar makes a great sundae topping over vanilla ice cream, or as a pancake topping! 


Carrot syrup often contains a lot of iron and is therefore quickly considered healthy. 

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