Ahmed Foods Fried Vermicelli (Lachcha) 150g


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Ahmed Foods Fried Vermicelli (Lachcha) 150g

Ahmed Foods Fried Vermicelli (Lachcha), a delicious dessert for Bangalis and Pakistanis and it is one of the most important delicacies for the Eid celebration. It is a very traditional and tasty dessert from South Asia. The wonderful thing about this dessert is that it is kind of like instant food. So it is very easy to make. 


You have to pour hot, sweetened milk and raisins, nuts, etc and laccha shemai will be ready. This laccha has superb taste. It is smooth, lean & thin, and easy to prepare.


Vermicelli is made of wheat flour and is cooked with milk, sugar, saffron, raisins and nuts to make a traditional sweet treat popular across south east Asia.

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Country: Pakistan

Brand: Ahmed Foods