Akbar Do Ghazal Pure Ceylon Tea (Cardamom Flavour) 100 Tea Bags

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Akbar Do Ghazal Pure Ceylon Tea (Cardamom Flavor) 100 Tea Bags

Akbar Do Ghazal Pure Ceylon Tea (Cardamom Flavour) is a delicate bright tea with a distinctive flavour and a beautiful golden colour. The rich amber brew fills the mouth with an invigorating and satisfying burst of flavour that is brisk palate tingling yet refined.


Put 2 teaspoons of Akbar ceylon tea in 200ml water into a hot and dry tea-pot, to pour freshly boiled water on it and to brew it for 10-15 minutes.


Ceylon tea is high in antioxidants and contains a small amount of caffeine and several trace minerals. Drinking hot tea with cardamom or consuming green tea extract has been linked to increased weight loss and reduced body fat.

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Country: India

Brand: Akbar