Ali Baba Falooda Drink Pistacho Flavor 290ml

Ali Baba Falooda Pistacho Flavor 290ml MD-Store

Ali Baba Falooda Drink Pistacho Flavor 290ml

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Ali Baba Falooda Pistachio Flavor:

Product Description: "Ali Baba Falooda Pistachio Flavor" is likely a brand and product of falooda, a popular dessert drink originating from the Indian subcontinent. Falooda is a sweet and refreshing beverage that typically includes vermicelli (falooda sev), basil seeds (sabja seeds), milk, rose syrup, and various toppings like nuts and ice cream.

Pistachio Flavor: The mention of "Pistachio Flavor" suggests that this particular falooda variant may have a pistachio-flavored twist, possibly using pistachio extract or pistachio milk to enhance the taste.

Ingredients: The specific ingredients in "Ali Baba Falooda Pistachio Flavor" may include:

  • Falooda Sev (Vermicelli): Thin, noodle-like vermicelli used in falooda.
  • Basil Seeds (Sabja Seeds): Tiny black seeds that add texture to the drink.
  • Milk: A key ingredient providing creaminess to the falooda.
  • Pistachio Flavoring: Pistachio extract or pistachio milk for the pistachio flavor.
  • Rose Syrup: Sweet and fragrant rose-flavored syrup that gives the drink its signature taste.
  • Nuts: Pistachios or other nuts for garnishing and added crunch.
  • Ice Cream: Often a scoop of ice cream, usually vanilla or kulfi, is added on top.

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