Amar Food Sambal Extra Hot 310g


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Amar Food Sambal Extra Hot 310g

ABC Extra Hot Chili Sauce (ABC Sambal Extra Pedas) in 11.5 fl oz (325 ml) Bottle. Traditional Indonesian Chili Sauce with hot and spicy blend of tomatoes, chilies, vinegar, sugar and spices. Sambal ABC Extra Pedas is use as a condiment and is perfect for dipping satay (Sate) and may also be added to any fried rice or noodle dish, or simply try it on hotdog or pizza. Buy Now at Md-Store, the biggest Online Indian Grocery Store in Germany.

Thiamin 0.030 mg Riboflavin 0.090 mg Niacin 0.004 mg Vitamin B-6 0.060 mg Vitamin B-12 0.332 micrograms (mcg) Vitamin A 64.8 mcg Vitamin E 0.439 mg Vitamin D (D-2 and D-3) 0.918 mcg Vitamin K 0.119 mcg

  • Ground chilli pepper with shallot, garlic and shrimp paste

Country: India

Brand: amar