Annam Sesame Oil 750ml


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Annam Sesame Oil 750ml

Annam Sesame Oil is made of carefully roasted seeds. It is the only ingredient used and just a few drops will impart a wonderful fragrance and aroma to marinades, salads, stir-fries or soups. This is good for cooking and seasoning to improve the aroma of dishes. There are no added msg and preservatives.


Add a few drops of Annam sesame oil to marinades, salad dressings, soups or stir-fry. It may also be used as a dip for meats. An essential oil in any Chinese cuisine. The only ingredient used is carefully toasted sesame seeds. Just a few drops provide a great fragrance to marinades, salads, meats or soups.


Sesame oil has some important health benefits, like providing heart-healthy fats, combating inflammation, and protecting skin from sun damage. 

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Country: India

Brand: Annam