Aroy-D Bamboo Shoot (Strips) in Water 540g


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Aroy-D Bamboo Shoot (Strips) in Water 540g

Aroy-D Bamboo Shoot (Strips) in Water are used as an ingredient in many dishes in Asia. It goes very well with curry dishes. Also in soups as well. It complements the broth and the meat very well. The bamboo shoots cook often with coconut milk. Bamboo strips are pleasantly fresh and crispy and ready-to-eat.


After opening, the bamboo shoot strips should be rinsed and drained prior to cooking. Bamboo shoot strips have a crunchy texture with a subtle flavour all of their own. Ideal for a stir-frying with meat, poultry and fish along with other oriental vegetables.


The nutritional benefits of bamboo shoots are vast. They are a great low calorie, high fiber, and high protein vegetable packed with vitamins. 

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Country: Thailand

Brand: Aroy-D