Bamboo Tree Rice Paper 400g


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Bamboo Tree Rice Paper 400g

Bamboo Tree Rice Noodle (Small - 1MM) 400g - Pack of 3 Rice Noodles - Small / 1mm HU TIEU - San Xuat Tai My Tho 3 X 400g Bambo Tree Rice Noodles, A great quality Rice Noodles from Vietnam. They are extremely easy to prepare. It can be used with just about any style of dish like hot or mild, curry or stir fry, salad or soup. A Great Choice. No Food Additives & Chemicals. Buy Now at Md-Store, the biggest African Online Grocery Store in Germany

Rice flour.water.salt,Tapioca starch

  • Carbs74 g Dietary Fiber2 g Sugar0 g Fat0 g Saturated0 g Polyunsaturated0 g Monounsaturated0 g Trans0 g Protein4 g

Country: VIETNAM

Brand: Bamboo