Bigi-Mama Abacha 100g

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Bigi-Mama Abacha 100g

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Bigi-Mama Abacha 100g

Bigi-Mama Abacha is an Eastern Nigeria dish made using dried, shredded cassava. You can eat it as a snack or a full meal. There are many variations to making this salad, but the more ingredients you add, the tastier the dish is. Whichever way you prepare or eat it, warm or cold, it will still come out delicious.


Soak the abacha in cold water for 10 minutes until it softens, then pour boiling water over it and drain. Add the abacha to different vegetables and salad toppings and mix with spices, allowing the ingredients to blend.



Dried shredded cassava (Abacha, Palm oil, Utazi leaves (Gongronema latifolium), Onion, Peanuts, Crayfish, Seasonings.


The nutritional content of Abacha salad can vary based on the quantities of the ingredients used. Generally, Abacha itself is a source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber due to its cassava base. It's often served in moderate portions as part of a meal.


Depending on the ingredients used, Abacha salad could potentially contain allergens such as peanuts and crayfish. If you have allergies to these ingredients or any other dietary restrictions, it's important to carefully review the product packaging for allergen warnings and consult with a healthcare professional if needed.

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Country: Netherlands

Brand: Bigi-Mama

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