Caykur Rize turist cayi 500g

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Caykur Rize turist cayi 500g

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Caykur Rize turist cayi 500g

Caykur Rize Turist Tea, which arrives in your kitchen from the tea fields of the Black Sea, is beloved by its customers. It is an essential component of the blended teas obtained through mixing, as well as one of the most popular products among smokers. It can be found all over Anatolia. It is remembered for its use of the slogan "Real yellow." Whether you drink the product in a family meeting or a business meeting, it replaces your tiredness with a sweet vitality. A well-brewed glass of bunny tea is a pleasant treat to share. The product, which is served in samovars with bubbling water, is also a favourite of tea gardens. Lime-free water should be used to preserve the traditional aroma and flavour of the tea. To brew the tea in its full consistency, with its colour and aroma in each glass, 2 teaspoons of tea should be placed in each tea glass, the teapot should be placed on the teapot, and the stove fire should be turned down and left to infuse for 13 - 15 minutes. To get the full flavour of caykur tea, drink it within half an hour and optionally rebrew it.

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