Cream Soda Schweppes 330ml

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Cream Soda Schweppes 330ml

Cream soda from Schweppes is a bright green sweet carbonated soft drink with a soft sweet cream-vanilla flavor. A popular drink in Hong Kong is also served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the drink or mixed with milk. Schweppes Cream Soda is a true taste sensation. With a deliciously creamy flavour enhanced by notes of smooth vanilla, it always delivers the great taste it has become famous for. The taste of this drink is unique and magical with its unique mix of carbonated water along with other flavouring ingredients and sugar. 


Store it in a cold place, away from direct sunlight before opening the seal.


Carbonated Water, Sugar, Acidity Regulator 330, Flavourings, Preservative 211, Colour 102

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