Jaimin Jeera Khakhra 200g


7% Tax Inclusive

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Jaimin Jeera Khakhra 200g

Delicious, nutritious and crunchy 100% wheat breakfast - Black Sex mix. Buy Now at Md-Store, the biggest Indian Online Grocery Store in Germany.

Wheat Flour (82%), Refined Palmolein Oil (9%), Iodized Salt & Cumin Seeds.

  • Carbs11 g Dietary Fiber0 g Sugar0 g Fat1 g Saturated0 g Polyunsaturated0 g Monounsaturated0 g Trans0 g Protein3 g Sodium0 mg Potassium0 mg Cholesterol0 mg Vitamin A0 % Vitamin C0 % Calcium0 % Iron0 %

Country: India

Brand: Jaimin