Kikkoman Soyasauce 150ml


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Kikkoman Soyasauce 150ml

Kikkoman soy sauce is the essential cooking sauce and seasoning for everyday dishes. Its rich, mellow flavour comes from long months of unhurried natural brewing. Use it to bring an authentic taste to your stir fries. It is rich in umami which brings out the taste of food. Try using it instead of salt and see what difference it makes.

Storage & Uses:

Kikkoman naturally brewed soy sauce makes a brilliant glaze for roasted or pan-fried meat, fish and vegetables. It adds shine as well as a deep, savoury flavour. Store the soy sauce in a cool and dark place.


Soy Sauce provides a small amount of protein, approximately 1.3g in each one-tablespoon serving. Soyasauce helped reduce the effects of inflammation, as well as improved overall gastric acid

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