Lara Syrup Tamarind 600ml

Lara Syrup Tamarind 600ml

Lara Syrup Tamarind 600ml

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Lara Syrup Tamarind is a beverage syrup product that offers the tangy and slightly sweet taste of tamarind in a concentrated form. It is typically used as a flavoring for various beverages and culinary purposes.

Ingredients: The specific ingredients in Lara Syrup Tamarind will be listed on the product packaging. Generally, tamarind syrup contains tamarind extract or concentrate, sugar, water, and natural or artificial flavorings to give it the distinct taste of tamarind.

Usage: Lara Syrup Tamarind is a concentrated syrup that needs to be diluted with water or other liquids to make tamarind drinks. It can be used to make tamarind mocktails, cocktails, and refreshing beverages.

Nutritional Values: The nutritional values of Lara Syrup Tamarind will depend on the serving size and the specific formulation. Generally, tamarind syrup is high in sugar content due to its use as a sweetener in drinks.

Allergen Information: Lara Syrup Tamarind is typically free from common allergens like nuts, dairy, and gluten. However, it's always best to check the product label for any specific allergen information.

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