Mama Chicken Flavor 60g


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Mama Chicken Flavor 60g

Enjoy the irresistible hot, spicy and savory flavor of Mama instant noodles chicken flavour anytime of the day. When cooked according to the recommended time, Mama Asian noodles strike a delicate balance between chewiness and softness - a perfect match with the hot and spicy chicken broth. Mama chicken noodles don't contain any trans fat, so you can relish them with peace of mind.


Just add hot water to your chicken noodles, add the spice mix, and enjoy the delicious taste after 3-4 minutes. Alternatively you can add fried chicken and vegetables to Mama Instant Chicken Noodles after pouring.


Noodles: wheat flour, palm oil, salt, sugar, acidity regulator, thickener, soy sauce (soybean, water, salt). seasoning: salt, sugar, flavour enhancer, spices, leek, chicken flavour, seasoning oil: palm oil, garlic. chilli powder.

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Brand: Mama