MDH Chunky Chat Masala 100g


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MDH Chunky Chat Masala 100g

MDH Chunky Chat Masala is a salad spice blend. Chat Masala is an important seasoning in Indian cooking. This enticing sour, mild, peppery, and salty spice blend is used to enhance the taste of anything from fruits to flavorful snacks. It contains cinnamon, black salt, cumin, dried mango powder, pomegranate seeds, coriander, black pepper, nutmeg, mint leaves, and additional spices. Buy Now at Md-Store, the biggest Online Indian Grocery store in Germany.

Recipe : Aloo Chat : Take 1½ potato per person. Peel and cut into ¾ inch cubes. Heat sufficient quantity of edible oil or ghee in a frying pan & fry potato pieces on low flame till they are golden & tender. Strain & transfer into a large bowl. Add 1 tspn. Chunky Chat Masala & 2 tspn. lemon juice. Stir well & serve hot. l To make FRUIT CHAT take 1½ cup per person, peeled & de-seeded assorted fruits, cut into ¾ inch pieces & add Chunky Chat Masala & lemon juice. l Sprinkle over waffers, savouries, fried nuts, grilled or roasted delicacies such as Tikkas, Kababs, fruit or vegetable salads, sandwiches etc.

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Country: India

Brand: MDH