Ostwint Hot Contact Cream Shave Cologne 400 Ml
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Ostwint Hot Contact Cream Shave Cologne is an exceptional result of medicine and cologne that is a priority in each man's shaving unit. The cream is a non-slick surface that infiltrates the skin rapidly. Figured out with dynamic regular assets that help forestall irritation, touchiness, forestall redness, gives a sensation of newness, gives a moment's help and revives the skin in a split second. Produced using non-oily saturating modules. This family estimated bottle is formed for a wide range of skin. Ostwint hot contact is light and effectively ingested. Give the sensation of neatness and newness with its dependable aroma. Finishes your day to day care by diminishing the consuming inclination. Represses skin dryness and assists the skin with recuperating rapidly after each shave.
Usage: Rinse off the shaved area with cold water. Use a clean towel to pat dry. Rub the Ostwint hot contact cream after shave cologne evenly onto the entire surface that you’ve shaved.


The specific ingredients of Ostwint Hot Contact Cream Shave Cologne may vary depending on the brand and formulation. However, typical ingredients found in shaving creams may include water, lubricating agents, emollients, fragrances, and possibly other beneficial components like aloe vera or vitamin E.


Since the specific formulation of Ostwint Hot Contact Cream Shave Cologne may vary, it's essential to check the product's ingredient list for any potential allergens. If you have sensitive skin or known allergies, it's advisable to perform a patch test before applying the cream to a larger area of your skin.

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Ostwint Hot Contact Cream Shave Cologne 400 Ml
Ostwint Hot Contact Cream Shave Cologne 400ml
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