Patak's Madras Paste 283g


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Patak's Madras Paste 283g

Patak's Kashmiri Masala Curry Paste is an exquisite blend of exotic spices, coriander, chili, and ginger that results in a wonderfully cooked Madras dish.

Water, Vegetable oil, Coriander, Cumin (5%), Turmeric, Chili (4%), Salt, Maize flour, Ground ginger, Tamarind, Acetic acid, Spices (contains mustard), Garlic powder, Citric acid, Lactic acid. Pros: Patak’s Madras Curry is made up of Original Madras curry ingredients No additive or artificial color is added in it. Addition of Chili and cumin give a hot and spicy taste. Pure taste of India Easy to use Quick way to make Madras curry Suitable for Vegetarians Recipe is available le on Bottle Note: This product contains mustard and may contain traces of peanut or tree nuts. Manufactured By: Patak's Food's Ltd Country of Origin: Product of UK

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Country: India

Brand: Patak's