Regal Gur Revry

Regal Gur Revry

Regal Gur Revry

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Regal Gur Revry, also known as Gur Rewri, is a traditional Indian sweet made from jaggery and sesame seeds. It is a popular sweet delicacy commonly enjoyed during festivals and special occasions in India.

Ingredients: The primary ingredients in Gur Revry are jaggery (gur) and sesame seeds (til). Some variations of the sweet may also include other ingredients like ghee (clarified butter) or other nuts.

Allergen Information: Gur Revry typically contains sesame seeds, so it may not be suitable for individuals with sesame seed allergies. Additionally, some variations of the sweet may include other nuts, so it's essential to check the product packaging or inquire about specific allergen information if you have nut allergies.

Usage: Gur Revry is enjoyed as a sweet treat and is often served during festivals like Makar Sankranti or Lohri in India. It is also a popular choice as a traditional gift during special occasions.

Storage: To keep Gur Revry fresh and maintain its crunchy texture, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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