Royal Thai Coconut Milk 165ml


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Royal Thai Coconut Milk 165ml

Coconut milk serves as the basis for various sauces. It is also ideal for refining cocktails. In Asian cuisine, coconut milk is not only a substitute for another milk, but also for butter and other fats. Likewise, it is often given in soups to take the heat. Of course, it is also suitable for refining desserts, ice cream or cakes. This product is slightly viscous. Buy Now at MD-Store, an Asian web based basic Lebensmittel in Deutschland.

Coconut milk. Water, 35% coconut extract. Shake can before use. After opening, store in the refrigerator and use quickly. Product from Thailand

  • per 100g / 100ml Calorific value 741 kJ / 180 kcal fat 18 g saturated fatty acids 17 g carbohydrates 2,1 g of which sugars 1,5 g protein 2,3 g salt 0,03 g

Country: thailand

Brand: Royal Thai