Simran Makki ka Atta 1Kg

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Simran Makki ka Atta 1Kg

Makki ka Atta is a type of flour made from corn that is used in many countries in Africa. The flour is made by grinding corn and then dried. It is a hard, yellowish flour that is used to make different types of breads. It is a staple food in many countries and is used in many dishes such as cakes, puddings, porridge, fritters, and fried dough. It is a popular flour in many African countries and is often used in traditional dishes. Shop Now at Md-Store, an ultimate marketplace for online grocery in Germany.


  • • Calories: 12 • Protein: 0 grams • Fat: 0 grams • Carbohydrates: 0 grams • Fiber: 0 grams • Sugar: 0 grams • Sodium: 8 milligram

Country: India

Brand: Simran