Simran Rohrzucker Gur 500g

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Simran Rohrzucker Gur 500g

What is Gur? Gur is a type of sugar that is made from sugar cane and has a light brown color. Gur is very popular in India and is used to make many types of sweets. Gur is also known as sugar cane sugar, or jaggery. Gur is produced by boiling and reducing the juice of sugar cane until it reaches a desired consistency. Shop Now at Md-Store, an ultimate marketplace for online grocery in Germany.


  • • Calories: 12 • Protein: 0 grams • Fat: 0 grams • Carbohydrates: 0 grams • Fiber: 0 grams • Sugar: 0 grams • Sodium: 8 milligram

Country: India

Brand: Simran