Uludag Gazoz 330ml
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Uludag Gazoz 330ml

Suntat's Uludag Gazoz is one of the best-quality and tastiest drinks on the market. Not only is it a classic beverage, but it also has a unique recipe of natural ingredients. It is made from natural spring water from the Uludag Mountain in Turkey, which is renowned for its purity and flavor. The water is mixed with natural fruit juices to create a deliciously sweet and refreshing beverage.  Whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up, a tasty beverage to sip on in the hot summer months, or just something to enjoy with friends, Suntat's Uludag Gazoz is the perfect choice.

Ingredients: The specific ingredients in "Uludağ Gazoz" include:

  1. Carbonated Water: The base ingredient that gives the drink its fizziness.
  2. Sugar: Used as a sweetener to add sweetness to the soda.
  3. Natural Flavors: The natural flavors used in the drink give it its unique taste.
  4. Citric Acid: An acidulant used to balance the sweetness and add tartness to the soda.
  5. Sodium Benzoate: A preservative used to maintain the freshness of the product.
  6. Caramel Color: A food coloring used to give the beverage its characteristic amber color.

Allergic Information: "Uludağ Gazoz" contains sugar and natural flavors, which are common ingredients in soft drinks. However, some individuals may have sensitivities to certain ingredients or may be watching their sugar intake. As always, individuals with known food allergies or sensitivities should check the product label for allergen information before consuming.

Uludag Gazoz 330ml is available now at Md-Store, the best online Indian grocery store.

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Uludag Gazoz 330ml
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