Valle Del Solle Eston Lentils 900g


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Valle Del Solle Eston Lentils 900g

The classic variety of lentils with a light green or brown color is the Eston lentil. These are legumes with very small dimensions, therefore easily digestible and ready in a few minutes. In addition, they are famous as high-protein lentils. Buy Now at MD-Store, an Asian web based basic Lebensmittel in Deutschland.

Origin: Canada Cooking times: 40 min. / in a pressure cooker 10 min.

  • Total Fat 1g - Sodium 6mg 1% Carbohydrates 60g - Net carbs 30g - Sugar 2g - Fiber 30g 120% Protein 26g Vitamins and minerals Vitamin A 15μg 2% Vitamin C 4.2mg 8% Calcium 60mg 6%

Country: America

Brand: Valle Del Solle.