Valle Del Solle Zwarte Bonen 900g


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Valle Del Solle Zwarte Bonen 900g

Japanese meal completes with Miso soup. S&B Miso soup contains flavourful soup stock with full of “Umami”, and Japanese traditional seasoning “Miso”. It has milder taste of Shiro Miso, and Japanese crouton, seaweed and green onion are added. Buy Now at MD-Store, an Asian web based basic Lebensmittel in Deutschland.

Kan sporen van soja en gluten bevatten

  • Serving Size ‎100 Grams Energy (kcal) ‎340.58 kcal Fat ‎1.4 Grams of which: - Saturates ‎0.4 Grams Carbohydrate ‎46.9 Grams of which: - Sugars ‎2.1 Grams Fibre ‎15.5 Grams Protein ‎2.16 Grams Salt ‎0.013 Grams

Country: Japan

Brand: valle Del Solle